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JotStudio: A Drawing & Note-Taking App For Stylus Users [iPad]

Using a stylus with an iPad might not be a very common practice, but still, a respectable percentage of users do prefer this rather more elegant way of using their iOS tablet. For those users, JotStudio is an app which they just have to download. The app lets iPad users create handwritten notes, drawings and sketches, and is focused on those users which own a stylus for their iPad (even though you can use JotStudio without a stylus as well). The app can also come in handy if you want to make annotations on an existing photo.

JotStudio for iPad Home

When you launch JotStudio after its installation, you will be met by its rather abrupt welcome page, which is devoid of almost any kind of options. This is to let users create new notes without unnecessary fuss. The app is intended to act as a companion app for Jot styluses, but you can enjoy all its features even without one. If you want to learn more about Jot styluses, tap the adonit button in the top right corner. To create a new note, there is the ‘+’ button, located at the top of the screen as well.

JotStudio for iPad LayoutThere are 4 page templates available for creating a new note, which act as a background for your work. You can change the layout by accessing the Settings menu from the top of the created note. There is Plain paper, Grid, Ruled Paper and Storyboard. All the pages are designed to accommodate images and text in perfect harmony. When you have decided upon the page style, the next step is to choose a pen, and JotStudio has quite a variety of those on offer. You can use the broad-tipped marker, or a felt tip pen, among many others. The app also allows you to choose a color for the pen by tapping the pen icon. If you want more colors than the collection listed at first sight, hold your finger over a color, and all its variants in the pallete will appear.

JotStudio for iPadIn addition to creating sketches and notes from scratch, you can use JotStudio to import images and scribble notes over them. To import, you have to hit the camera button present at the left of your screen. You can save your work as an image, or share it with others straightaway.

The sensitivity for styluses offered by JotStudio is amazing, and if you hurry up, you can grab this useful app for free, as the team behind the app intend to raise the price to $1.99 in a few days.

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