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Use Siri To Search & Download Images From The Web With JpgToSiri [Cydia]

Not that Siri isn’t already pretty useful, but for those who feel it could have been better in some aspects, there are many Cydia tweaks that enhance the talking assistant’s abilities. If you have a jailbroken iPhone 4S, or any other device with access to Siri (through SiriPort, for instance), there are some really cool things you can make Siri do. However, there aren’t many tweaks that combine usefulness and fun in as perfect a proportion as the newly released JpgToSiri does. JpgToSiri, as the name implies, adds the ability to search photos through Siri. You can simply ask Siri to show you a photo of anything, and a random JPEG image will appear right within the conversation. Not just that, users can even save the images to their camera roll, or share them with friends. This means that the tweak converts Siri into a pretty decent image search engine!

JpgToSiri Cydia JpgToSiri Photo JpgToSiri Options

After you have successfully installed JpgToSiri, launch Siri and you will be able to use the tweak straight away. To see the photo of any object, just say “Show me a picture of” followed by the object’s name. Siri will respond with “Here is a picture of…,” and the image will show up. To make the tweak even more useful, the image comes with several options. You might not be able to see the options at first glance, and have to launch them by tapping the green bar at the bottom of the photo (it will be saying Tap Here). This bar brings up several options related to photos. From the options menu, users can copy the displayed image to clipboard, copy its link or open and view it in Safari. The view in Safari option means that it is possible to easily go to the Source of the image. However, the most useful option available here is the save to camera roll one, which lets you download the photo to your iDevice.

JpgToSiri is a free tweak, and doesn’t seem to have any negative impact upon Siri’s performance. You can download it from the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store. Now we can really hope for a tweak that will let users listen to information related to an object if they scan its photo using their iPhone’s camera. For now, however, JpgToSiri is a tweak that makes sure you will not have to open Google’s Image search (or any other search engine for images) very often in the future.

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