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Nokia’s Fitness App Sports Tracker Now Available For Windows Phone 7

Every week, a new fitness app makes its way into the Windows Phone Marketplace. Such apps offer to track your GPS location during your workout sessions, the amount of calories you burn, the duration of your workout and much more. Nokia had pioneered the concept of a fitness app during the days of its Symbian OS and now it has re-launched Sports Tracker for its new mobile platform, Windows Phone 7. Sports Tracker offers various options for tacking your workouts whether you are Walking, Running, Cycling or Skiing, and keeps a diary of your workouts over a period of time. Find out what else Sports Tracker has to offer after the break.

welcme sports tracker map view aports tracker

It doesn’t take much to figure out Sports Tracker once you have launched it. Just tap start a new workout to track how much calories you can burn in a stretch. During the workout, the app lets you keep a track of  your pace and the distance you have covered. You can swipe your finger on the screen to alternate between a map view and data view. The map view primarily shows your GPS location on Bing Maps with the distance traveled, duration and average speed displayed at the top of the screen. Tapping the GPS icon in top-left corner of the same screen centers the map around your location.

data view sports map

The data view lets you view the amount of calories you have burned and your altitude above sea level, which can be very handy if you are skiing, trekking, or rock climbing.

Sports Tracker logs each of your workouts in its diary, so that you can see how you have been faring physically over a period of time. Sports Tracker is available for free at the Windows Phone Marketplace. You can download it to your phone from the link provided below.

Download Sports Tracker

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