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Keep Track Of Your CPU Frequeny With CPU Spy For Android

Cpu-spy-androidOverclocking your device to push it to it’s limit is something every true technology enthusiast does and it is a common practice when it comes to Android devices. After overclocking the device though, one would often want to know what is going on with the CPU in the background. Now with free Android app CPU Spy,  you can keep track of  the CPU’s state at various frequencies. More on it after the jump.

CPU Spy is an app that lets you monitor the frequencies at which the CPU is running at any given time and for how long. Along with the information regarding the frequencies, the app also displays the Kernel you’re on at that time, helping you to evaluate Kernels and share your results with others before they try it out.


From the screenshots above you can see that the app records all the frequencies the CPU has been running on. The app was tested on an HTC Desire HD running CyanogenMod 7.0, and the kernel allowed us to push the frequency to 1516Mhz but we left it at stock 1017Mhz. As you can see, it also shows you a list of all the frequencies that the CPU never touched.


You can reset the timers if you wish to start a fresh new track, but in case you want to go back to the previous record, you can always select Restore Timers and you’d be able to see your last record.

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