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Unleash Your Inner Bean With Killer Bean Unleashed For Android

Killer Bean Studios, known for their animated feature film Killer Bean Forever, have released the Android version of a game based on the film. Killer Bean Unleashed, a fun yet challenging game, lets you take control of the protagonist named Killer Bean. The game is exciting and will keep you busy for some time, with adorable and quite satisfying graphics, despite it being a 2D side-scrolling arcade shooter. The gameplay does require several minutes to get used to, but the fun factor never lessens. Is it a worthy game or just a waste of your precious time? Read on to find out.

KillerBeanUnleashed2 KillerBeanUnleashed-story

The story revolves around Killer Bean, a former assassin who must kill the bad guys. As the story progresses, the game gets harder and harder, and you often find it painstaking to clear a level. It consists of a total of 8 levels, and each level gets unlocked after clearing the former one. The controls could’ve been arranged better; you may often find yourself hitting the wrong button.The UI consists of direction buttons for moving left or right. There is an up arrow for jumping and tapping it twice gives you a double-jump, which makes it possible to hop from one platform to another, and finally, a fire trigger. Upper side of the screen contains a health meter, lives remaining indicator (which are 2 at the beginning of the game). In case your health meter gets depleted, you automatically respawn at the last checkpoint, provided you haven’t used all the remaining lives. During the levels, you may find more health and armor packs, though some items are only obtained after killing an enemy.

Each level consists of a number of different bad guys who are color coded. For example, the green ones are the usual thugs and can sometimes be killed with a single shot. The black ones are harder to kill, and their weapons are also stronger.

KillerBeanUnleashed-gameplay KillerBeanUnleashed-die

Your ammunition consists of two different weapons in the beginning, and you can tap the bullet button on the upper left corner of the screen to switch your guns. The game offers a variety of different weapons, all of which can be unlocked through various means. You can also head to the Weapons store and purchase Gold coins, which let you buy different goodies, such as extra weapons, combos, health packs, etc. You can find your purchased items under the My Items tab that makes it easy for you to know which items you have already purchased.

KillerBeanUnleashed-coins KillerBeanUnleashed-items

Killer Bean Unleashed has decent audio and some nice sound effects. The graphics and overall design of the game is also pretty solid, and the real time physics effects look really neat. All-in-all, it’s a good game to have in your device, and would help you kill some spare time if you’re getting bored.

You can grab Killer Bean Unleashed for free from Google Play Store from the link given below.

chartDownload Killer Bean Unleashed

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