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Kinetik – Discover And Share Apps For iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch


iOS has the privilege of having the biggest app collection among all mobile platforms. App Store is regarded as the hub for launching most new ideas and innovations. This accounts for the staggering 450,000+ apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. But every coin has two sides. There is also a drawback to this kind of variety available in the App Store. For one thing, you might get lost in the sea of apps while trying to find something you really need, or a really good new app could fail to make its mark because of the sheer number of competitors present in the Store. Kinetik is a friend to all such apps as, in addition to keeping you upraised with apps that are currently hot in the market, it introduces you to apps that your friends find handy.

Much like App Flow for Windows Phone 7, Kinetik is an app discovery tool but with more focus on social network integration (Twitter in particular). That’s a huge plus, as you don’t need to sign up for a new account specifically for Kinetic. The app is so useful that even before signing in to your Twitter account, the home screen provides you with an attractive array of icons telling you which apps are currently trending among users.

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Though, the real fun starts when you have connected the app with your Twitter account.  Immediately, you will start seeing updates from your friends regarding apps they have tweeted about recently. You can think of Kinetik as an app discovery extension of Twitter. It allows you to Share any app you like, and you can also comment on your friends’ shares. In the Settings menu of the app, you can chose to post all your shares to Facebook too.

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Kinetik lets you browse shared apps based on their categories. The categories which are available are pretty much the same as the ones in App Store. As soon as you run across something you like, simply hit the red Share button in the bottom bar and all your Twitter friends will know which app you’re currently in love with these days. Kinetik also offers you the option of adding a description (or your thoughts) about the app before you share it.

Browsing criteria include apps shared by your friends, apps trending in Kinetic these days, or you can choose to follow any person you think is tech-savvy enough to keep your app-etite satisfied.

Kinetic is a free app and can be downloaded from the link provided below.

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