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King Camera Is A Free Replacement App For Stock iPhone Camera

The stock iOS camera app is pretty quaint and has very few options, even with the iOS 5 updates. According to Apple, this is done for the purpose of keeping things simple in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However, in real life, you might be faced with a lot of scenarios where you need customizable settings in the camera. King Camera is an app that has a ton of camera features, including a timer and sound trigger, and unlike some of its competitors, you can get it for free.

King Camera King Camera Photos

The app starts up with a photo preview screen, and you can control just about everything related to the app from here. To simply snap a pic without making any alteration, just tap the big button in the middle of the bottom bar, but you could have done that with the stock camera as well. So, now lets take a look at the features available in King Camera.

Flash Settings: The flash settings include options for on, off and automatic, while there is a fourth option, using which you can use the camera flash as a flashlight by turning it on for a long period of time.

Capture Modes: The app allows you to take photos in four ways, in addition to the big center button. You can tap to capture, set up a sound trigger or there is the option to use a timer for photo capture.

Auto Capture: King Camera has a programmable auto-capture button. To configure it, you have to go into the settings menu of the app, and choose the time span, or number of photos you want to shoot. Once that has been done, just use the timer button in the side bar, and you are good to go. To stop the capture process any time, you can tap the main camera button.

King Camera Video King Camera Hidden

Grid & Other Features: The zooming support provided in the app is pretty awesome, and you an also overlay a grid over any scene before capturing it. King Camera can be used for photo as well as video capturing. The app comes with both rear and front-facing cam support. You can import photos to King Camera as well and make changes to them.

With a neatly working anti-shake feature, the app is a must-have for everyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money for an iPhone camera replacement app. However, you can upgrade to the HR version of the app by paying $0.99, and this will remove a few restrictions like King Camera watermark in shared photos and banner ads.

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