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Kinoma Play: RSS Feeds, Social Media, News & Events Explorer [Android]

You might have come across numerous multipurpose Android apps, but few would’ve been as comprehensive and multidimensional as Kinoma Play. Apparently an ‘app’, Kinoma Play vows to provide users with almost all the most-sought after tools, apps and services under one roof. Be it aggregating content from your various cloud storages, social media sharing/streaming networks (including Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Foursquare, SHOUTcast, Last.fm), online news and weather service providers, Wikipedia info, Google Reader, or others, Kinoma Play ensures that you can have all the core information on hand upon requirement. Using the app, you can quickly take a glance at the up-to-date activities from your social and real world, check out the interesting places to explore nearby you, listen to your favorite songs (along with getting handy suggestions), launch the app’s native app drawer, and share the best content with your mates on the go. That’s not all, the app features a host of miscellaneous daily-use tools and apps that can be downloaded and availed natively via Kinoma Play.


Apps supported by Kinoma Play include a native web browser, calculator, iDisk explorer, urban dictionary, TuneIn Radio player, voice notes creator, feature-rich local media explorer, album art explorer, web browser, YouTube player, online translator, map explorer, calendar viewer, and plenty more. Kinoma Play also supports the renowned DLNA standards so that you can remotely stream all the content from your Android device directly to any web-enabled device.


All content is presented on a scrollable homescreen interface that may span several screens depending upon the amount of added content that you wish to explore via the app. The app also sports a customizable native dashboard that gives you a sneak peek into your social and RSS feeds, calendar events, online media and all the stuff that you’ve added. The app’s overall interface itself is quite customizable, and you have the choice of selecting your preferred wallpaper and theme for the background. Want only a handful of directories to be scanned for media files, and explore album arts and media info for favorite tracks? Kinoma Play is at your service, again.



When launched, the app prompts you to pick all the required content/categories that you wish to explore. You can change your preferences later on as per requirement. Once all the required content is added, you’re taken to the app’s homescreen that presents the selected features/tools via separate buttons. To customize the homescreen, long press on an icon, and reposition it anywhere you like.


Tapping the icon at the bottom-left of this screen takes you to the app’s native dashboard from where you can instantly take a look at all the updated activities from your social networks and online media streaming services. Needless to say, in order to fetch content from your social world, you must authorize the app to access the relevant accounts. All the updated content from each supported/added category is presented on a horizontally scrollable slide, and gets updated automatically as new information flows in. Just like the app’s homescreen, the dashboard is also customizable on which you can sort the content in a desired order. For this, tap the icon at the top-right of the screen, and customize the content as you like.


Tapping Apps on the app’s homescreen displays a comprehensive list of preinstalled and downloadable apps. To install apps in one go, or to select the default storage, tap Menu, and pick the required option.


All-in-all a perfect little information and data aggregator for Android that helps users resorting to multiple apps and tools in order to access all the required content on their devices.

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