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Kleio Flashcards For WP7: Create/Study Flashcards & Sync Them To Cloud

If you are a student at any level, and own a Windows Phone 7 device, then Kleio Flashcards is one app that you just have to try. With so much to offer to help you academically, this app has the potential of becoming your number one stop for your exams preparation. You might come across some other flashcard apps in the Marketplace, but none are likely to be as thorough and detailed as Kleio. This app not only allows you to create your own flashcards, but also comes with the option to import whole libraries on different subjects via the app’s desktop client and sync your flashcards to cloud. Consequently, all your flashcards will be synced with multiple PCs set up with the same Google ID using its desktop client.

Kleio Practice Kleio Library

The app only lets you log in with your Google ID, which it later uses to sync flashcards online. At first, you might feel rather lost in the relatively large world of Kleio, but things are not as complicated as they might seem. There are two ways you can use this app to help you study. You can either choose to create your own flashcard, or there is the more convenient option of import, through which ready-made flashcards can be synced with the app via the free PC app (link provided below) offered by Kleio. The card categories offered by the desktop app are quite extensive, and using them, you can get flashcards related to most elementary and advanced subjects.

Kleio Stats Kleio Flashcards

The app has a few issues, such as occasional crashing, but those are largely eclipsed by the usefulness and appeal of Kleio Flashcards. After you have created your own Deck of flashcards or imported one from the desktop client, you are all set to start with your studies. In Study mode, Kleio will keep asking you questions that you previously set. If your answers match the ones on the answer cards, you can rate yourself accordingly, starting from 0 to 5. These rating are saved by Kleio, and on their basis, it creates a pie chart showing you your progress and the number of remaining cards to be memorized. The app also supports a Cram mode, which does not repeat any of the cards after you mark them as correct twice. Cramm mode does away with the rating system too; it allows you to mark your answer as Correct or Incorrect only.

Kleio Flashcards has a free as well as a paid version (at $2.99). The free version is ad-supported while the paid version, in addition to being ad-free, adds the option to translate cards to a language of your choice. As we said before, Kleio Flashcards is a must-have if you are a student, and want to prepare for your exams in the minimum possible time.

Download Kleio Flashcards (Free)

Download Kleio Flashcards 

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