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Klick Todo: Easily Create, Prioritize, Schedule & Track Tasks [Android]

Who would want a task management app that requires you to sift through multiple screens, menus and options in order to define a simple to-do task? The simpler the interface of a task management app, the better it is. Previously reviewed Any.DO is a very good example of what an ideal task manager should look like. Fresh to the Android Market, Klick Todo is yet another fine addition to the list of clutter-free and easy to use task management apps for Android. In all, the app provides you with a solitary homescreen on which you can list all your tasks, set priority levels, relevant reminders, and scheduled date/time for each with just a few taps.

Klick-Todo-Android-Home Klick-Todo-Android-Schedule

Defining a new task via Klick Todo is as simple as just feeding a handful of keywords in to the text box provided at the top. Once a task has been created, it is ready to be edited accordingly. Despite sporting one of the simplest interfaces, the app still has plenty of helpful content available to get its users out of trouble, should they confront any.

For each task, you can specify a relevant priority level by selecting it from the list. This reveals a dropdown menu with three options, namely, Low, Medium and High. Priority levels are indicated by color-coded bars that appear before each task in the list. To help you identify your most important tasks, the app automatically sorts the to-do list by priority level.

While tapping the date and time at the bottom of each task lets you schedule your tasks, tapping the bell icon toggles the alarm for each On/Off. Apart from reminding you of tasks through alarm, the app also displays status bar notifications for each.

Not only does the app display time left for upcoming tasks, but also keeps a log of the duration of overdue ones. To mark a task as done/finished, just hit the checkbox displayed alongside it. Completed tasks are shown at the bottom of the screen, and can be removed from the list by tapping Menu > Delete Completed. The elegant and compact homescreen widget of the app keeps you apprised of all the recently overdue, as well as upcoming tasks. Simplicity, combined with convenient task management controls, make Klick Todo as handy prospect in its own accord.

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  1. I was one of earliest adapter of this application. It is indeed neat and clean. Satisfies my needs perfectly. The rest of the apps of this class had cluttered up UI. This one worked perfectly for me. Kudos to the developer.

  2. This is quite an user friendly app ! 
    Very ideal for keeping track of tasks at work.. Overdue feature is a life saver 🙂

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