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Know Each Day’s Important Events & Holidays With On This Day [WP7]

Even if you are not much of a history buff, certain days and dates do hold an importance in everyone’s life. Have you ever wondered which historical figures have shared the same birth date with you? Or on a fine Saturday morning, thought if today was significant in any way for any culture? On This Day is an app for Windows Phone 7 that will let you find out the significant events associated with the current date, as well as any given day. The events listed by this Mango app include birthdays, holidays, deaths and a host of other important happenings which you might be interested in. You can learn more about On This Day by heading past the break.

On This Day WP7 Highlights On This Day WP7 Births On This Day WP7 Holidays

By default, the app will start at the highlights for the current date. This section summarizes all the important events which have ever taken place on this day in recorded history. The events are listed in chronological order, some of them even have images attached with them along with their concise description. If you feel like learning more about the happening, just tap it, and you will be taken to its Wikipedia page, and that, too, without ever leaving the app. It is possible to view events for another date by using the arrow keys in the bottom bar, which change the date the app perceives. It is also possible to view a particular date using the choose date option in the bottom bar of On This Day.

Other than Highlights, there are separate sections for births, deaths and (my favorite) holidays. The holidays tab will let you see all the holidays which are being observed anywhere in the world. A pretty useful free app, albeit ad-supported, and you can download it at the web marketplace link below.

Download On This Day… for Windows Phone

 Update: Sharing content from the app to your social network has really been made easy by the developer thanks to the app’s latest update. All you have to do is to tap and hold over any post, and the sharing option for both Twitter and Facebook will become visible. There is also a new sorting option available in the app, using which you can arrange posts in any way you want. In the 2.0 version of the app, more filters have been added to the mix as well, meaning you will be able to view only those events that are of interest to you.

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