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Knowtilus For iPhone: Talking Browser, Text Editor, RSS Reader & Translator

Knowtilus is an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which is so multipurpose and versatile that it is impossible to place it under one category. The app integrates a lot of useful features, and makes using your iOS device a much more enjoyable and productive experience. The biggest part of Knowtilus is its web browser, which, apart from having a clean interface, also reads out whole pages to you, and lets you translate them to more than 20 languages. Other than the web browser, you get a text editor, which is not too complicated and lets you focus on the task at hand. There is even more to Knowtilus than that, and you can find out everything about its features by heading past the break.

Knowtilus iOS Knowtilus Browser Options

Knowtilus welcomes you with an introductory note, presented in its very own text editor. The app will also read it out aloud, letting you hear all about the things you can do with it. The browser in Knowtilus is pretty minimalistic in its outlook, and is not cluttered with too many options. Hit the close button in the top left corner, and you can enjoy the app’s tabbed browsing. You can resize the browser easily by simply dragging the tabs any way you want. Knowtilus, in addition to reading out the text on a page, also has a visual helper, and you can bring it up by tapping the person icon in the top bar. To make the assistant read out any page, tap the share button in the left of the bottom bar, and from there, select the Read aloud option. To make the Knowtilus assistant stop reading, there is the pause button. If you want to search within the current page, that option can be brought by tapping the Settings icon in the extreme right of the address bar. You can translate the contents of any page, and have them read aloud, in any of the listed languages, which can be found under Settings. Some other tasks, like scanning QR codes, can also be performed from this menu. Knowtilus lets its users convert the contents of a web page to a PDF file, and that option can be found under the sharing button as well.

Knowtilus Browser Favorites Knowtilus Offline Knowtilus RSS

A very useful option offered by Knowtilus is the Share button, which allows you to send a particular page to just about any network, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and via email. The app’s way of saving your Favorites is pretty interesting, and you will see all the saved pages as a grid in the respective section. One of the best features of Knowtilus is its ability to save pages for offline viewing. When a page is saved, only its relevant content will be downloaded, and the app will automatically remove ads and other extraneous data from it. Knowtilus is perfect for reading and managing your RSS feeds, and instead of the usual long list of incoming news as text, you will be able to see them in the form of thumbnails, letting you navigate among them like the icons in the App Switcher tray. You can also sort the items in your feeds by hitting the sorting buttons provided below the thumbnails.

Knowtilus Sketch Knowtilus Text Editor

As an offline app, Knowtilus has a pretty neat text editor, and sketch pad. If you want to make quick notes, add any drawing to an existing page, or are just in the mood for doodling, the app’s sketching area is just the thing you need. You can sketch over a webpage, or over a photo imported from your iPhone or iPad’s library. It also has a few colors, and you can customize other aspects of the drawing environment as well, like removing a part of the photo, overlaying it with text or even doing both at the same time. Similarly, the text editor in Knowtilus has an ample amount of options, but it is designed to not distract its users while they are working. For the text, you can choose from among a lot of provided fonts, color and size. Knowtilus can also be configured to read out whatever you write, and when you are done, you can share your work over your social network, or with anyone else through email.

Within Knowtilus, the copy-paste bar gets a new menu added it to it, and if you enter it, you can translate snippets of selected text, which might come in handy as the lite version of the app has the limitation of not being able to translate pieces of text which are too long. The lite version of Knowtilus costs $3.99, but for a very limited time, you can get it for free! There is a pro version ($9.99), which does not have any limit on the word count of the snippet to be translated. You can grab both versions by heading to the download links given below.

Download Knowtilus

Download Knowtilus Pro

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