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LancherPro Developer Rolls Out First Beta For UberMusic [Android]

There is no shortage of quality music playing and streaming apps for Android. Even the stock offerings of Google’s mobile operating system are pretty substantial for your basic music playback needs. But then there is the entire world of customization open for Android fanboys that lets us taste a variety of flavors for apps of almost every genre on our devices, and music players are no exception. In fact, there’s a special desire among Android fans to get their hands on a music player that resembles the looks of a Windows Phone style alternative. After seven alpha versions and amidst much anticipation, LauncherPro Developer Federico Carnales’ Zune Music Player look-alike for Android has finally entered the beta stage. Before you rush to the download link, install the app and find yourself disappointed, you should know that there is no need to be. UberMusic Beta 1 comes packed with a new skinning engine and a completely different look. The new default skin isn’t all that bad. In fact, it’s still one of the best looks you’ll find on an Android music player. Still, I’m sure many of you have grown attached to the WP7 interface of the alpha. I know I have. According to the app’s changelog, the new engine is powerful enough to allow an exact replication of the Windows Phone 7 look that made us fall in love with the alpha versions. However, the developer is yet to release instructions as to how that is to be done.


Apart from the new, currently dormant skinning engine and the new default skin, the beta brings a couple of minor fixes and improvements. The Repeat & Shuffle toggles in the Now Playing screen are no longer hidden behind the album art. Instead, the switches are now displayed to its right along with a shortcut to the selected playlist. The seek bar has been positioned right over the player controls and its width has been increased, making it easier to seek within songs. Everything else, including the home screen widget, seems unchanged as compared to the aforementioned alpha release.


Head on over to the UberMusic website via the link provided at the end to download the beta version or view its complete changelog. Installing the beta will not overwrite the alpha version, so you can continue enjoying the latter’s sleek metro interface until someone develops a similar skin for the current version.

Download UberMusic Beta 1

[via @fedecarnales]


    • Just download the beta from the link, copy it to your device and select it using any file explorer app to install. If it fails to install, go to Settings > Applications > Development Settings and enable Unknown Sources. That’s all.

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