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Last.fm Updated For Mango, Allows Streaming Music In Background

Arguably the most groundbreaking feature offered by Mango is multitasking. And multitasking doesn’t only mean the app switcher brought up by long-pressing the “back” button on your Windows Phone 7 device, Mango actually does offer multitasking in the sense that you can keep on playing music from third party apps while doing anything else. Last.fm is the app for listening to all the music you will want in a lifetime. The app provides a pretty decent music discovery service, but that’s not all. There is also the option to find out all the activities in your area that are related to music. This means that Last.fm will tell you all about the concerts taking place in your locality! The app has been around for quite a while, but now it just reached a whole new level with its new update. The Mango-fied version of the app can now be used to stream songs in the background while you reply to text messages and read your emails!

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The app retains all its Nodo awesomeness, meaning that you can still listen to any artist for free. Last.fm keeps track of all the tracks played by you and based on them, provides you with suggestion as to what you should listen to next. If you give a song the “heart” rating, the app will make note of it and start developing a general notion of your taste in music. Similarly, you can also choose to block a song, which means that artist will take a low priority in your suggestions.

Last.fm is more like a radio than a streaming app. It will keep playing songs until you stop it, choosing songs on its own and constantly trying to match your choice. You need to have a Last.fm account for being able to use the app, but no need to worry. You can sign up from within the app if you don’t have an account. Last.fm also suggests people having similar taste in music as you so it wouldn’t be wrong to think of it as a social network for music.

A few users of the app have complained that they were unable to create a new account for the service, but we faced no such issue during our own testing. Although Last.fm can use a few more changes, like expanding its suggestion criteria, the overall quality of content appears to be good enough. The app is free and available at the Web Marketplace link given below.

Download Last.fm for Windows Phone

[via WPCentral]

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