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Launch Each App In A Different Language With Localized Apps [Android]

Imagine using Google Maps in Italian while the default language of your Android device is set to English. How about going through your news feeds in Finnish whereas the rest of your device guiding you through menus and helps screens in your local language. Such customization is now possible with Localized App for Android and credit has to be given to XDA-Developer’s member thiagolr. Localized Apps is a quick solution for users who prefer apps of their liking to be displayed in a specific language without changing the default language of their device. By placing ‘localized’ shortcuts of your favorite apps on your home screen through Localized Apps, you can always launch them with the preferred language. Exit the app and you are back with the default device language.

The app allows you to place multiple shortcuts for different apps on your home screen, each set up with a different language. As of this writing, the app supports only a handful of the most widely used ISO639 languages such as English (en), French (fr), Italian (it), Spanish (sp), Dutch (ds) etc. Also, there is a limited support for ISO3166 countries such as United States (US), Britain (BR), France (FR), Spain (ES) etc. As the screenshot below depicts, all the app needs is a bit of time shifting back and forth your preferred language for the app as well as the default one.

When launched, the app displays a Create Shortcut button along with brief description about its purpose. Tapping the button opens a list of installed apps. Select your favorite app, fill in the required fields such as Shortcut Name, Shortcut Language, Shortcut Country, tap OK and you’re done. For the shorcut to work successfully, you must provide matching Shortcut Language and Shortcut Country code. For instance, if you want the Browser to be launched in French, you must input ‘fr’ in the Shortcut Language field and ‘FR’ in the Shortcut Country field. Remember, Localized Apps is not meant to translate any 3rd party app. Instead, localization depends on the language(s) that a particular 3rd party app supports.

Localized Apps responded flawlessly when tested with various apps on our HTC Desire Z under various languages. However, according  to claims of the dev, using a localized shortcut could slow down your device’s performance especially when apps are launched or quit. You can download Localized Apps for free from the Android Market via the link provided below.

Download Localized Apps for Android

[via XDA-Developers]


  1. Language code for Dutch is not ds but nl.

    Works with navigation only the directions are still in OS-language. Any idea how to change this too?



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