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Let Microsoft Know What You Want In WP7 Using The Suggestion Box App

Looks like Microsoft has really stared to take the improvement of Windows Phone 7 pretty seriously. A few days ago, WPDev Feedback was released, which was an app focused on gathering suggestions from developers of the Mango OS, so that WP7 can get features which can prove helpful in making it more attractive as a development platform. As mentioned in our review of that app, a similar service of Microsoft already exists, which is for non-dev WP7 users. So, it doesn’t come as a big surprise that, now, the WP7 user Suggestion Box has got an app, too. Read on to find out what the app is all about.

Suggestions Box WP7 Suggestions Box Ideas

The app is laid out in a pretty similar fashion as the WPDev Feedback app. The sections are almost the same, with the biggest difference being the way to log in to the app. You can sign up from within the app by just entering an email ID, but a lot of people have been complaining that the Suggestion Box app refused to accept the account info if it was already used to sign up from the web version of the service, Hence, you will need to use another account to sign up. Once you are past that glitch, the app is pretty cool. You can vote for ideas which have already been submitted by other users, or if you want to add something to them, just post a comment. To view the ideas, you can see them sorted on the basis of top, hottest and new.

Suggestions Box Categories Suggestions Box New Ideas

The list of submitted ideas and concepts is pretty comprehensive as it is, so you might want to search the forums before making a new submission. The app, like the web service, is moderated, and irrelevant material is removed pretty quickly. If you want, you can view suggestions related to a particular category, for which there is a separate page. If you still can’t find the feature you want in WP7, you can add a new suggestion. There are set parameters for submission, the most important one being the limit of 25 characters. You don’t need to explain the desired feature, just mention its name.

Suggestion Box would be more useful if Microsoft really added the requested features quickly to WP7. Unfortunately, it seems none of the requests have been added to Mango until now, despite the service being a few months old. Take screenshot support, for instance – it is second on the list of most requested features, but still no sign of it in WP7. One can only hope that things will take a turn for the better soon.

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  1. I’d like to be able to browse all suggestions before submitting duplicate suggestions. Is there an online version?

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