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LG E900 Specifications And Price [Image/Video Included]

Just a few days back, we reported about specs of LG’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 device, the LG C900. It appears that the C900 isn’t the only WP7 phone LG is going to bring to the market in the near future, as reports and BlurryCam™ pictures of another Windows Phone device by LG have recently started surfacing on the internet. Dubbed the E900, it seems to be a variant of the E900 without the QWERTY keyboard. For more information and the rumoured specs, read on after the break.

As we mentioned above, the E900 appears to be the C900 without the QWERTY keyboard. This should naturally make the device slimmer and lighter, as a viable option for those amongst us who don’t care for a hardware keyboard much and can do well with the on-screen touch keyboard, which we must say is pretty amazing on Windows Phone 7 and is the best in our experience amongst all smartphone platforms out there currently.

Information about the E900 was leaked allegedly leaked on a YouTube video where it was shown off in the signature BlurryCam mode that has become the standard for all such leaks by now. Despite the blurriness, anyone can make out the operating system as Windows Phone 7 and the build showing no signs of a hardware keyboard. Here is the video in question that you can see for yourself.

There is no official word about the specs or the estimated time of availability of this phone but we can presume the specs of LG E900 to be:

  • Windows Phone 7 OS
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • MicroSD Card Slot
  • HSPA (perhaps?)
  • Multi-touch Screen
  • 480 x 800 Screen Resolution
  • Dedicated Windows Key
  • 5 MP Primary Camera (Expected)
  • Flash Light

Just like the C900, this handset might also be exclusive to AT&T upon launch, or it could be T-Mobile’s version of the device. We can also speculate this phone to go around USD 199 with a bi-annual AT&T contract, or in the $400-$500 range contract-free. Please note that these specs are based on the leaked YouTube Video, some tips and predictions, while the price prediction is based on market trend, and the final specs might likely differ once the device is launched.

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