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LG Optimus Black Custom Android ROM Available For Download [Nova Version 1]

LG Optimus Black, the thinnest Smartphone so far, hasn’t been able to draw much developer attention due to it’s availability in certain geographic locations. However the developers who already own this Android phone, are already in the process of cooking delicious ROMs after Root and ClockworkMod Recovery made their way to this handset. The first custom ROM for LG Optimus Black is now available and is called Nova Version 1. We really don’t know the logic behind this name, but as far as you flash this one to get rid of the crappy LG firmware onboard, it seriously doesn’t matter. The ROM comes from senior XDA member Noejn and according to him, the ROM is in a beta stage, but is pretty much stable with major functions and features working without major flaws and glitches. The ROM comes with a experimental kernel, which gives you EXT4 Support along with SLQB and tweaks like MinMax governor plus TinyRCU.

Here are some key features of this ROM direct from the ROM Chef’s thread: LG-Optimus-Black-P970_thumb

– EXT4 (kernel recompiled in order to support it)
– Unbranded and deapked
– Preroot
– Zipaligned
– Original 2.3 ringtones and Nexus S boot animation
– Disabled UI / power on / power off sounds
– B.prop tweaks
– Browsing tweaks
– GPS tweaks
– VM tweaks
– RAM tweaks
– Auto-zipalign /data/app at boot
– EXT4 mount tweak
– Stock theme / stock launcher / stock keyboard

In order to install this ROM on your LG Optimus Black, you will need to have root along with ClockworkMod Recovery installed. We have already covered rooting and custom recovery tutorials which can be found here and here.

So after you download Nova Version 1 for LG Optimus Black, copy the ROM file to your SD Card root, reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery, Wipe Data/Cache and use onscreen instructions to flash this ROM. Download the accompanying experimental kernel and flash it through CWM recovery after you have installed the ROM. Kernel flashing is a relatively riskier process, and we will advise not to flash this kernel if you aren’t sure what it does. For more information, downloads and associated hacks, please visit the XDA thread.

It is advised to practice extreme caution before you flash any stable or experimental ROM on your phone as missing any crucial step can result in a hard brick. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible if you incur any reversible/irreversible damage to your device with this ROM.

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