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Likes! For Android: View All Your Facebook Friends’ Likes In One Place

In a very short span of time, the social media giant Facebook has had an enormous impact on our daily lives. Not only does the world’s most feverishly followed social network provide us with new and better means to share our sentiments and interesting findings with our friends, but also lets us express our fascination towards a post, comment or place by simply hitting the famous ‘Like’ button. With literally hundreds and thousands of items being Liked by your friends across the entire network, it surely must be hard for you to keep a close tab on the tastes and preferences of every single one of them. Enter Likes! – an extremely handy location-based Android app that scans your Facebook profile for virtually anything that has been Liked by your friends (barring comments), and ranks all items by number of Likes. It is perhaps, the simplest and most ideal way to get a comprehensive overview of everything that’s running hot among your mates on the network.


Using Likes! for Android, you can find out what books, movies, sports teams or coffee bars are popular among your Facebook friends. There is also an option within the app to search for the Likes for a particular place within a location of choice, or a specific item from the network. To help you find Likes from a specific region, the app lets you position a placemark on the map. Search results across the entire app can be displayed according to the chosen location, and can be further filtered by distance in splits of 0.3 Miles, 1 Mile, 5 Miles, 25 Miles, or from anywhere. A good thing about Likes! is that it, unlike some Facebook-related apps, does not require the official Facebook client for Android to be installed on your device.


To help you easily find content of interest, the app’s homescreen itself is divided into a couple of tabs that display all the Likes according to Places as well as various categories such as books, magazines, music, sports et al (under More Likes). Alongside each category, you can see the total number of Likes under it. Tapping a category/place provides a comprehensive breakdown of the total number of Likes by rank so that you can easily find the most popular content at the top of the list. The share button at the top of this screen can be tapped to share the top 3, 5 or 10 results from the list on your Facebook Wall.


Selecting an item from the list displays a list of friends and other Facebook users that have Liked it. You can also Like that particular item from the same screen, and jump to the profile page of a friend or an item from within the app. In addition, the app also provides you contact numbers, URLs, and other quick links to items of interest (subject to the popularity of the topic/category).

Download Likes! for Android

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