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LINE Camera For Android: Photo Styling App With Countless Brushes, Stickers, Fonts & Effects

Even before photo-editing and sharing sensation Instagram hit the Google Play Store, there were plenty of other wonderful apps that allowed Android users to embellish their photos with filters, stickers, brushes, font styles, badges, borders and what not. No matter how saturated the photography genre of the Google Play Store may have become, there is always a new contender that catches the attention of users with something unique, or an insane amount of features. One fine example of photo editors that offer the latter is LINE Camera, a new addition to the store. While the purpose of LINE Camera is pretty much the same as any other app from its genre, the overwhelming number of different options that it contains is what makes it special; that and the ease with which it lets you use them to spruce up your photos. You have the choice of working on a fresh image, or importing one from your device’s gallery, and once you’re done editing, you can share the photos across a plethora of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Cyworld and more. Update: You can now grab the app for iPhone as well. A link to its iTunes App Store page has been added at the end of this review.


The app opens to its built-in camera replacement, which doesn’t really offer anything special; just the usual options – timed capture, toggling between front-facing and rear camera, and launching the device’s gallery.


Once you’ve imported or captured a photo and cropped the result to your liking, you’re taken to the app’s image editing interface, where you have the option of rotating the photo and adjusting its brightness, contrast and saturation to start with. You can also use the auto leveling and white balancing options to avoid having to adjust the aforementioned image properties automatically. At the bottom, you’ll find various tabs containing the app’s wide variety of exotic filters, stylish borders, snazzy stamps and stickers, paint brushes, and dozens of different font styles for adding text.


Each tab comes packed with an unusually high number of different styles/designs. For instance, the filters section has almost everything ranging from vintage to romantic to grungy and so on, and the borders count exceeds a hundred.


In the stamps section too, you have a virtually unending collection of graffiti varying from glowing hearts to blooming flowers, from Pedo bear to anime stickers, from showy goggles to hair styles, and from speech balloons to stylized texts and numbers. Same goes for the brushes and fonts tabs. Needless to say, you’d be hard-pressed to find an app that can match the number of options this one offers.


Download LINE Camera for Android

Download LINE Camera for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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