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Official LinkedIn App For The iPad Now Available On The App Store

LinkedIn is the best social network out there if you want to improve your professional clout and make new contacts in your field of expertise. Another reason for the popularity of LinkedIn is the fact that it lets you stay up to date with the latest happenings and developments in your profession. Due to this nature, you have to keep checking your account regularly, and what better way of doing that than having a LinkedIn app on your smartphone or tablet. LinkedIn has had an official iPhone client for a long time, but it was a nightmare to use it on the iPad’s bigger screen. Fortunately, you don’t have to face this dilemma anymore, as the LinkedIn app just went universal! The app has been fully optimized for the iPad, and brings a few pretty neat changes to the mix as well.

LinkedIn iPad Home

To get started, log in to your LinkedIn account within the app, and you will be taken to the main screen. Rather than being a cluttered feed of the recent activities of all your contacts, the main page has got just three distinct sections. The first one is to let you view the update feed, the second is to let you view your own profile while the last section is your Inbox, displaying unread messages and connect requests.

LinkedIn iPadThe All Update section of the app is the place where most of the changes with recent update have taken place. First of all, there is the new Calendar section on the updates page, using which you can keep track of all your commitments and appointments without having to leave the app. General news, which are not related to your own connections, is displayed at the top of the screen, while updates from your contacts are visible below that. To go back to the main page of the app from this section, you can hit the button located in the top left corner. You can search for people from anywhere in the app and compose an update using the button next to the search box.

Not much has changed about LinkedIn, if you have ever used the app on iPhone, but it has been optimized for retina display, and the calendar feature looks pretty cool as well. As always, the official LinkedIn app for iOS is available as a free download for both iPhone and iPad, and you can download it by heading to the link below.

Download LinkedIn

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