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LiquidPlanner Brings Feature-Packed Project Management App To Android

LiquidPlanner is a fast-flourishing project management-based web service that provides its clients with simple yet very effective tools to schedule organizational tasks, collaborate with teams and task groups, track project and task times, share files with required team members, and prepare detailed reports regarding project progress; all in real-time.

The service also has a dedicated client for Android and iOS-powered devices through which you can always stay in sync with the updated LiquidPlanner content, and view all your projects, manage tasks, create new projects, tasks and subtasks, check and reply to comments, set milestones, indulge in team conversations, track task time and progress via graphical representation, assign project deadlines, and view file attachments on the go. In addition, the app lets you balance team resources, check any deadlines that are approaching the risk levels, and manage your team portfolios regarding any projects/tasks that you’ve already prioritized.


Please note that only registered LiquidPlanner users can access the aforementioned mobile client features. For this, the app prompts you to log in with a valid LiquidPlanner account at startup. New users can grab a fresh account from within the app for free.

The app’s homescreen interface comprises several tabs, namely Home, Comments, Projects, My Tasks and Recent. The Home tab is from where you can select the required workspace, and track task/project progress via bar charts.


The Comments tab brings you all the updated conversations between you and your team members. Using the New Comment button on this screen, you may post a general message for all team members, or address a specific one using an @mention.

The Projects tab houses all your LiquidPlanner projects, milestones and events. While events are represented by box icons, the projects can be easily identified via folder icons. To create a new Task, Event or Milestone, tap Menu and pick the required option. Tapping on an entity reveals its particulars such as project description, comments, attachments and additional notes.

The My Tasks tab lists all your LiquidPlanner tasks collectively. For each task, you can view comprehensive details such as task descriptions, progress, owner, creator, reference (if any), due date, scheduled time, deadlines, recent comments, detailed notes, attached files and links.


Apart from all the aforementioned features, the mobile client of LiquidPlanner also keeps a detailed log of all the activities performed via the app. While all the core project management functions can be performed via the desktop/web variant of LiquidPlanner, its mobile client can prove to be very effective in helping you stay in touch, and manage with all the content generated via the website.

Download LiquidPlanner For Android


  1. The interface for the Android app is very clean, but in one of the screens (the second one) it looks a bit crowded. I do think though that this app will be a hit on tablets…

  2. The interface for the Android app is very clean, but in one of the screens (the second one) it looks a bit crowded. I do think though that this app will be a hit on tablets…

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