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Listen To Google Reader Feed Items On Your Android Device

It’s tiring enough to read off a computer screen for long hours, let alone off the much smaller screen of a mobile device. New to the Android Market, GoogleReader Reading is a free app that reads out your Google Reader feed items for you – your very own RSS feed secretary. So whenever you feel like giving your eyes a few moments of rest, launch the app and let it do the reading. The app is in no way meant to replace conventional RSS feed readers, only to increase productivity and allow users to multitask – listening to their favorite feeds while driving or taking a walk.

Like every other application ever developed, Google Reader Reading has its downsides. No matter how clear the voice output gets, it will still remain robotic and monotonous. Also, you’ll have to bear with the reader when it comes across the odd link, for as of this writing, there is no way around said problem.

Other than that, the application is quite handy and very easy to use. All you need to do is launch the app, allow it to access your Google account when prompted and subscribed feeds should appear in the Select Field dropdown menu on the app’s home screen.

If you don’t see any feeds the first time you launch the application, restart it once and that should solve the problem.

GoogleReader Reading For Android

Select a feed of your choice from the dropdown menu, enter a query into the Search in Feed field or leave it empty of you wish to listen to the entire feed. Tap Read to begin listening. The application will then start searching online for matches within your feed subscriptions. If your device has an active internet connection, the application should display updates found in the selected feed and start reading them aloud.

Found updatesReading started

At this point, you can press menu and tap Stop to halt the reader, Home to return to the home screen or Sync to check online for updates made to the selected feed. Tapping Sync interrupts the reading process after which, the app starts reading from the beginning of the latest post in the feed.

Application menuPost context menu

There are two ways to switch between feed items. Hold (long-click) on a post of your choice to bring up its context menu and tap Read.

Alternatively, you may swipe left or right across the screen to listen to the next or previous article item respectively. While testing the application, we found the latter feature to be a tad non-responsive, a problem that will hopefully be resolved in future updates.

Swipe right to read previousSwipe left to read next

You can download GoogleReader Reading from the Android Market for free via the link below or by scanning the provided QR code.

Download GoogleReader Reading For Android

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