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Listen To Shared Music Playlists By Genre With MoodMusic For iPhone

If you are one of those people who are always listening to music, then it is very likely that you frequently run out of good songs to listen to. There are many solutions to this problem; you might ask your friends if they know of any new good songs, or you can make full use of your iPhone’s intelligence, and use an app like MoodMusic. This iOS app will let you listen to music shared by other users of the service, and also by your Facebook friends. The app can be considered a jukebox, which any user can customize according to their likes and dislikes, as it can be set up in a way that only songs from your specified genres will be displayed by MoodMusic. So, the app suggests music for you, but not at random, you are very likely to actually listen to most of MoodMusic’s suggested tracks rather than just moving on to the next one.

MoodMusic Genres MoodMusic Jukebox MoodMusic Album Art

To get started, you have to link your Facebook account to MoodMusic. We know that Facebook sign in is a turn-off for a lot of users, but the app won’t post your song choice or anything else on your wall without your permission. Once you have signed in to the app, and granted it access to your account, you are good to go. The next step is to select the genres you are interested in. You will find just about any king of song category imaginable in the app’ list of genres. When you have chosen all the genres you are interested in, hit the submit button in the top left corner. This will take you to the Social Jukebox section of the app, where the songs representing all the selected genres are listed. To start listening to any song, just tap it, and the music player of MoodMusic will popup, in which you get the options to control the volume and add the song to your Favorites list.

MoodMusic is also useful if you like to scrobble over social media. The app’s Facebook integration lets you publish the music you are listening to over your social network, along with the kind of mood you are in while listening to it.

The app is available as a free download for users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and all you need to use MoodMusic is a Facebook account. Grab the app by heading to the download link below.

Download MoodMusic

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