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Lists Notes For Android: To-Do List Manager With Custom Categories

ListsNotes is a multipurpose note-taking and task management web service that provides the users with option to create and manage custom wish lists, to-do lists, personalized notes, or a list of virtually any noteworthy aspect of their life. Using the service, you can also save reviews and ratings of almost anything you tried out just recently, such as the delicious meal that you had from a nearby restaurant, a video game that you played with your neighbor, a book that you read, or a movie that you watched this weekend. Keep accumulating a handful of reviews, and let the app present you with a comprehensive summary of your whatever you like the most in an assorted manner. To help you with note taking chores, the app supports defining custom labels and subcategories within each category. Using Lists Notes, you also get the option to sync all the notes with your Facebook account in one go. To cater to the note taking needs of Android users, the official Lists Notes app has been released in the Android Market with all aforementioned features that is surely going to help them access, create and carry their personal notes with ease.


Once launched, the app lets you start filing your to-do list by tapping the Add button at the top-right side of the screen. On the New Category screen, you have the option of creating a Wish List, Reviews list, Grocery List, Task List, Notes or a Custom List. Under each supported category, you can find a handful of templates that help you instantly create and fill a list based around daily routine tasks.


For your custom lists, the app lets you decide whether you wish to create them as Checkable list or in the form of a Numbered list. Checkable lists provide you with the option of marking tasks as ‘done’ by simply tapping the checkbox alongside each item on the list whereas the Numbered list is meant to help you keep a track of total number of items included therein.


The other categories included within the app are quite easy to use, too. Just navigate to the required category, select a template or define your own list, and start recoding your data within it. All the various tasks creating using Lists Notes keep accumulating accordingly, and are presented as a generic list on the app’s homescreen. To sort the list priority-wise, you can drag an item anywhere on the list in any preferred order.


On the downside, though, the app’s note taking section is currently confined to just creating and saving text-based notes. There is no support for attaching media to these notes, which is a big hindrance for the app to pose any immediate threats to the likes of Evernote, Any.DO, or any other alternative note taking Android apps out there.

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