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Live Strong’s Calorie Tracker – The Ultimate Fitness App For WP7

Health and fitness should be our top priority in life. It’s true that the world has got a lot to offer besides fitness, but hey, what’s the use of anything else unless you are physically not feeling at your best to enjoy life? Live Strong is a relatively well-known name in the field of fitness and health maintenance. Their app Calorie Tracker has been around in the Marketplace of Windows Phone 7 for quite a while. So why are we covering it now? Because now Calorie Tracker is free! Well, for a limited time at least.

LiveStrong's CTLiveStrong CT Registration Page

To put it simply, this app is simply awesome. It has got everything you could think of related to fitness and diet control. The best thing about Calorie Tracker is that with Live Strong’s database of over 600,000 food items, you can use the app in almost any part of the world. First of all you have to register with the Live Strong online service . Simply follow the link given within the app, or if you already have an account at Live Strong, just login. The registration process determines your physical characteristics to help optimize the app’s performance.

LSCT HomepageLSCT Food SearchLSCT Food Details

Achieving Fitness Goals: While setting up the app, you are asked about your goals pertaining to fitness. You can choose to gain weight, lose some, or simply maintain the way you currently are. Integrating these aims with the information you provided during the registration process, Calorie Tracker calculates the calories you need per day.

Food Search: This is the feature that lifts Calorie Tracker a touch above any other similar app. By syncing with Live Strong’s online food database, you can choose just about any food in the world! Once you have done that, choose the servings of the food you have had and the time of the day you ate it.
We tried lots of uncommon local foods, and they were all there in the app, complete with their calorific value, photo (in some cases) and additional information like mineral composition, fat percentage, etc. All this leads to an accurate calorie count.

LSCT Calorie ChartLSCT Calorie Calculator

Calorie Map: Once you have done all that, the main page of the app will start showing the number of calories you have already had during the day and the number you should have during the rest of the day. This is calculated by taking into account the food you have taken throughout the day so far, and the physical activity you have engaged in.

Fitness Progress Chart: Calorie Tracker provides you with a graph of the fitness level you have achieved during the past days. This is a helpful tool for keeping track of how well (or badly) are you following your diet plan.

The app is free for a month, so hurry up and grab your copy now by heading to the link given below.

Download Calorie Tracker by LiveStrong

[via WP Central]

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