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LiveSorter Automatically Groups Android Apps By Market Categories

Whether you’re an avid Android gamer or a typical smartphone user, you’re bound to have multiple apps installed on your device at any given instant. And you’re always craving for more. How good it would be if you could get all your apps automatically organized and placed into folders according to their relevant categories so that you don’t have to face problems locating them on your device? To ease your woes, LiveSorter is here. LiveSorter automatically sorts out your apps and categories them into folders.

Each folder created with LiveSorter points to a specific app category. Whether it be a gaming app, a productivity app, a social media app, a multimedia app or an app falling under any category for that matter, LiveSorter helps organize all into their respective folders. Upon installation, the app automatically sorts all the installed apps on your device according to the app categories in the Android Market. Also, any new apps / games installed on your device automatically get sorted into their respective folders / categories too. The app also allows you to move an app manually to another category of your choice.

If you want to see all the apps that are installed on your device according to their specified categories, you can do it through the Activities Viewer option of LiveSorter. From here, you can retrieve Market info about the category of a particular app, alter the category of any app manually and even opt to hide that particular app if you want to.

To use LiveSorter, you need to add its folder to your home screen. To add a new folder on your home screen, long press on a vacant area and select Folders > LiveSorter and select the preferred category from the menu. Rename the folder as you like and press Done. You’ve successfully added a new LiveSorter folder that contains all the apps of a specific genre. You may add as many folders as you wish repeating the same procedure. The app also allows you to manually retrieve missing app categories and re-scan all installed apps on your device. You can see the notification status while the app updates its categories over the internet. As of now, the app only identifies app categories that are already present on the Market. Any non-Market apps would automatically be placed in the No Category folder.

While the free version of LiveSorter supports just All Categories folder and the grid view, interested users may upgrade to the full version to avail added features such as list view, backup and restoration of changes made to the folders manually, option to hide apps from folders, separate folders for each Market category and more. All this for a price of just $1. All in all, LiveSorter can prove to be a handy utility for your device as it helps organize your apps in a much better and sophisticated way.

Note: Some launchers do not support categorized folders therefore, you may need to use an alternate launcher such as ADW Launcher or LauncherPro to avail this option.

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