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Local Hero: Get Answers To Your Questions From Experts Near You

Apparently, location-based apps are becoming the latest hype in the iOS App Store these days. Local Hero is an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app which uses this very concept to let its users help others near them on whichever topic help is needed and in return get help when they need it themselves. There are times when human assistance is needed, and that is why Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers are so popular. Thanks to Local Hero you will be able to get the response of those who are near your current location, so that the answers you get are provided while keeping your social and geological background in perspective.

Local HeroFeed

Local Hero is all about mutual cooperation among the app’s users. True, the number isn’t huge right now, but still, it’s enough to provide you at least some help on most topics. Before you sign up for a new Local Hero account, you can only view the main feed where other users have posted their queries but you won’t be able to reply to any topic or post a question of your own. For that, you need to sign up for an account. The signing up procedure is free, like the app itself.

You can think of Local Hero as Yahoo Answers in a location-based form. It really is as useful as it sounds. But don’t think if there isn’t an expert user for any topic in your area the app will not entertain your query, the search area will increase until a user is finally found with appropriate credentials.

Profile SetUpPost

Local Hero lets you connect your Facebook account with the app, thereby increasing the chances of your friends helping you out. In your profile, you have to mention your areas of expertise so that other users can benefit from your knowledge as the app will redirect all relevant queries to you. Once you have posted a query yourself, you will be told how many people have the specified areas of expertise.

Local Hero has all the potential of becoming a popular app. Let’s see where it ends up.

Download Local Hero for iOS

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 Update: Local Hero 1.3.1 starts up with a list of all those users that have been most active on the app’s network and have helped the maximum number of people by answering their queries. These heroes are displayed under the banner Heroes You Should Know.

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