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Localmind Brings Its Location-Based Crowdsourcing Network To Android

Localmind is a cross-platform location-based crowdsourcing app that allows you to communicate with people present in a location of your choice (pub, hotel or multiplex) and ask them questions about that place. Users checked-in at a certain location through various social media services can use Localmind to answer questions coming in from other Localmind users who might be interested to get some guidance/information about a particular place and services around it . As of now, Localmind supports check-ins from four popular services: Facebook, Twitter, Gowalla and Foursquare. Although, iOS client of Localmind has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time, its public beta (v1.0) has recently been released for Android users.

Crowdsourcing, when done via social media, helps people find appropriate solutions for their particular problems and with services like Localmind pushing this great concept to smartphones, the process becomes all the more instant and effective. Especially, if you are looking to get ‘real’ information about a specific place/location rather than going through user reviews, Localmind can come quite handy. Just choose your preferred check-in service and start sending questions to any place you like. By asking questions to checked-in users that are present at the point of your interest, you can learn about the latest activities going around. This can prove to be more than helpful if you are planning to visit an unexplored place.

The app opens to a home screen with four tabs: Localminds, Questions, Activity and Profile. Localminds displays a comprehensive list of all the places along with their precise location and distance from your point. Just select a location of your interest from the list or on map, look out for active ‘localminds’ as well as expert localminds and start communicating with them. Location distance can be easily filtered according to your convenience. Just tap Menu > Filter Distance and select a particular distance for various locations.

The Questions tab displays all the questions that you have sent and/or received. The Activity tab displays all questions and answers that others might have sent through Localmind. You can get notifications for all your activities on Localmind. SMS notifications for Localmind can be enabled/disabled from within the app as required.

Lastly, the Profile tab lets you check out your karma points and total number of people that you’ve helped through Localmind. Karma points are earned in multiple ways. For instance, you get karma points for each check-in, for answering questions or by proving that you have ample knowledge about a particular place in question. The more questions you answer correctly (and quickly), the more karma points you win, thereby enhancing your chances to become a Localmind Expert.

Download Localmind for Android

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