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Locate Friends Near You & Chat With Them Using Peachy For iPhone

Messengers and other chat services make up a very popular genre of apps in the iOS App Store, and with the release of iMessage, people have started chatting even more than before. Texting is going out of the vogue pretty quick, and chatting has almost replaced it entirely. Every once in a while, an iPhone app is bound to come along which brings something completely new to even the most crowded categories of iPhone apps. Peachy is one such app. It is just another messenger app on the surface, but actually it is based on a rather interesting concept. Using Peachy, you can only chat with your friends when they are in your vicinity. The app will let you know whenever a friend (or group of friends) is within 3 miles of your current location, and then you can start a conversation with them straight away. Despite having a rather unpolished interface, the app can prove to be a useful tool for a variety of people, and in addition to being a location-based messenger, you can use Peachy to ask for user feedback regarding a number of items in your area.

Peachy iPhone Peachy Chat Peachy Settings

To use Peachy you will have to create a new account and profile for the app. Doing so requires entering your email ID and other personal information. When you have done that, you will be taken straight to Peachy’s homepage, where the app will start scanning locations near you to find any added friends. It is possible to choose the radius within which you want to look by tapping the distance tile in the top bar. All your contacts found in the assigned area will be shown in the form of a grid on the homepage of the app. Just tap a group or person to start a conversation.

If you chose to send a Broadcast using Peachy, any of your friends who come within the range you have set will receive the message. It is possible to block any user from contacting or discovering you via Peachy, and the restriction options can be found in the Settings menu of the app. Although there is some potential of misuse, but that’s what the privacy controls in the app are there for. Peachy can be a fun app to have for use within a campus, or when you are visiting any big place with your friends, and you can give it a try for free by heading to the link below.

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