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Locate ‘N Share For WP7: Find And Text Your Current Location To Anyone

If you are one of those people who are bad at memorizing directions (like me), then having a smartphone with any maps app must feel like a real blessing to you. However, if your navigation skills are as bad as your memory, such apps won’t do you much good either. That’s the philosophy Locate ’N Share seems to have been based upon. It’s a free app for Windows Phone 7 that is designed to help people find where they presently are and text their current location along with complete directions to anyone.

Locate'N ShareLocate'N Share Route PlanLocate'N Share SMS Route

The app detects your location as soon as you launch it. This is indicated by the red pin that appears on the map. Alternatively, you can input a location manually to set it as your current position.  So what’s so special about that? A lot of other location-based apps let you do that. Locate ‘N Share differs from others in the way that it allows users to text their exact location to anyone they want. Not only that, if you choose to do so, you may also SMS directions for the complete route to where you are that your friends can come and pick you up from there with ease.

The app’s interface is pretty simple. There are four buttons at the bottom of the maps screen that allow you to perform the following tasks after your location has been detected:

  • Text your current location
  • E-Mail your location
  • Switch map modes

From the settings menu you can customize location services and some cosmetic options. The app is available for free at the web Marketplace link given below.

Download Locate ‘N Share

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