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Location-Based Citizen Journalism App Meporter Lands On Android Market

Meporter is a location-based newsdesk that lets anyone and everyone become a news reporter/ journalist and share personalized news bits with the world almost instantly. Witnessing an event worth sharing? Just fire up Meporter on your Android, feed in the details, grab a snap or two, capture a quick video clip, specify the location and inform the world. It’s as simple as that and it doesn’t even require you to be a pro. You can search for all Meporter stories on map using various filters or publish your own stories, post them on Facebook and/or Twitter and take a swing at becoming a citizen journalist.

The app debuted on the iTunes App Store a little while ago and now it’s time for Android fans to join in the fun while the Blackberry client is still in the pipeline (as of this writing). With Meporter, you are in charge of reporting all the exciting and stunning events happening around you. You can share your personal news stories and experiences with the world through your own perspective. Whether it’s sharing your thoughts about an ongoing musical concert, showing the world your brand new smartphone or letting your buddies know how romantic the weather is on your side. Just join Meporter and start showing off your reporting skills to the world. Registration with Meporter is absolutely free and you can easily setup a fresh account from within the app.

Reporting via Meporter is even easier. Tap on the Post button on the homescreen, specify post title, write down the event (no restrictions on word count), attach multimedia (photos & videos), select appropriate news category, specify event location (use current location or any location on the map), enable/disable posting on the news on Facebook and/or Twitter and hit Post. Your story is available to the whole world.

You can check out other Meporter stories flowing in from the rest of the world by tapping the Newswire button on the app’s home screen. Likewise, you see all Meporter events tagged on a map by tapping the Map button on the same screen . Each red marker on the map represents a Meporter event. Tap on a marker to check out details. The app also lets you check out detailed profiles, stats and achievements of different Meporters around the world.

Liked a Meporter story? Quickly add it to your favorites with a simple tap. Eyewitness to a particular event? Verify the news by checking in with the news story, add supporting comments, attach a photo or video (just for proof) and let the world really know “I was there”! You can also invite your Facebook/Twitter friends to Meporter for group citizen journalism.

Posting local news to Meporter helps you earn perks and rewards. The app does not support real-time live video reporting like Live Reporter, but that’s not what it’s meant for. Meporter is kind of like a social network for citizen journalists and a great platform for budding professional journalists to test their mettle.

You need to have Android OS 2.2 or higher to run Meporter on your device. The app is available for download in the Android Market. Grab your copy of Meporter from the Market link provided below and start sharing local news with the world instantly. Become a part of the Million Man Launch (the first million users) now to avail the chance of winning cash prizes.

Download Meporter for Android

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