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Location-Based Photo Sharing App Evaway Comes To Android

Evaway is a free web service using which you can share geotagged photos of memorable travels with the world. To entertain the needs of Android and iOS users who love capturing, sharing and exploring photos of scenic locations on the go, the service has a mobile client available on the app stores of both platforms. More than anything else, the app is meant to provide you with a chance to share your travel experiences with other users. You can instantly grab a fresh snap, or import one from your device’s gallery and share it via the app in just a few taps. That’s not all; the app features a Challenges section that lets you earn badges by traveling to nearby locations.

It’s been quite a while since Evaway was released on the iTunes App Store, however, the Android variant of the app has just recently hit the Market.


Once you open the app on your device, it determines your current location via GPS and displays all the photos shared on the app’s network from around your location.

Although you can explore the app’s featured content without logging in to any service, to share photos and earn badges, you must sign in with an Evaway or Facebook account. If you don’t already have an account, you can easily sign up for free from within the app.

The app’s interface comprises a total of five tabs that are arranged along the bottom of the screen. The Nearby tab displays thumbnails of all the photos shared from around your region. The deeper you scroll down this list, the farther the location of each shared photo gets. Tapping on a thumbnail shows the enlarged view of the image along with its location on map, information about the user who shared it, comments that it has received and options to share it over the web.

If you like the photo, you can vote it up by tapping the Inspiring button. To explore another user’s profile, simply tap their username. The screen that follows displays the option to follow the user, the number of ‘Experiences’ that a user has had with a particular place, the badges they have won, and the users they are following.


The other tab within the Nearby section, Challenges, lists all the featured locations that you need to visit in order to win badges. Along with each location, the app displays the number of people who’ve already explored it before you. Provided you too have explored that place and grabbed a photo of it, tapping the I did it button and sharing the photo will earn you a badge.

The Feed tab on the app’s homescreen lists all your friends’ and your recent activities on the network. To start sharing photos of the places that you’ve visited in personal, just tap the green plus (+) tab from the app’s homescreen. As mentioned earlier, you may either capture a fresh snap or import one from the device’s gallery. For each photo that you wish to share, you can specify the location and tags relevant to the place, add some useful comments and opt to share it on Facebook. Once done with all this, just hit the Upload button to share it on the Evaway service.


The Me tab displays your current user level on Evaway, personal Experiences (shared stuff), Badges and the list of People that you’re following. In the top-right corner of this screen, you’ll find the settings button that can be tapped to edit your profile and invite/find friends on Evaway.

Download Evaway for Android

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