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Locations For HTC – Route Planning And Location Logging For WP Mango

Maybe it’s the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft which has fired HTC up and compelled their Windows Phone 7 developers to become hyperactive in the Marketplace or maybe it’s because the release of Mango is nearly upon us. Whatever the reason, it’s the WP7 community who is benefiting from the latest flurry of free apps released by HTC. Just a few days back, we covered an app named Attentive Phone which was also from HTC, and now Locations has entered the Marketplace with the intention of providing Mango users with an easy way to find their way!

RecentYour Location


The here tab in the Locations app displays the current location of the device. The accuracy with which the location is pin-pointed is dependent upon the satellite coverage of the area. Unlike most maps apps, this app shows the precision to which it has estimated your location. But if you want to set some other location as the default starting point, you can do that too.


This tab contains the list of the locations you have visited in the recent past. It displays the locations to which the user has been and each location is displayed as a metro tile. Tapping the tile brings up all the information the app can pull up about that location based on reviews from past users and its distance from you.

Saved Route


The backbone of Locations is the footprint concept. Footprints are basically logs of all the locations you have visited. You can add a footprint from anywhere by navigating to that particular location on the map. Or the app can do it for you by tracing where you are currently and letting you create a footprint of your current location. A footprint has the picture of your choice associated with it. You can capture this picture through the camera from within the app or select a saved photo from the Pictures hub.

Route Planning

The route planning provided by this app is pretty slick. You can choose waking or drive mode to get the route planned from your current location to any footprints or saved locations in the app. The distinguishing feature in Location’s route planning is the compass integrated with the map which proves really helpful while navigating in a completely unfamiliar area.

Location is a free app but the compass feature is not compatible with all HTC phones.

Download HTC Locations

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  • KB65534

    paid for an unlimited North America License for HTC Locations for my HTC
    Verizon Trophy. I downloaded the WEST
    region, and everything worked well. I downloaded the South Atlantic
    region and found that I am not able to search for *any* addresses at all in the
    South Atlantic region. In order to navigate to an address, you first must
    search for it and find it in the app, so I can’t navigate to addresses in the
    South Atlantic region. This is VERY FRUSTRATING! I carefully
    searched through the app’s settings to see if I must set one of the maps I’ve
    downloaded as the active map for searching, but there is no such setting.
    As-is, the app. is not usable.

    You can download multiple maps, but you can only search for and navigate to addresses contained in the first map you downloaded and installed. There is no configuration setting for specifying a given map as the active or search map. If you think you are going to hop on a plane and use this in multiple regions, forget about it. It also would not be usable for the purpose of driving from one map region to the next.