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Lorem: Delete Individual Entries In iOS Notification Center [Cydia]

Gone are the days when iOS users just had push notifications for keeping track of the happenings on their iPhone, as iOS 5 included Notification Center. Being such a useful and important feature for iDevices, Notification Center has been a favorite for the developers over at the Cydia store. The steady stream of tweaks coming out for Notification Center has not abated just yet, and Lorem is the latest jailbreak tweak being offered for it. Using this handy tweak, you can dismiss individual notifications from the center instead of having to remove whole groups. The tweak might not be the perfect option for everyone, but if you like to control every single aspect of your iPhone, then the inability of iOS to let its users delete single notifications is sure to have bugged you. Thanks to Lorem you will get to choose if you want to delete all notifications related to a group (which is a stock feature of the iOS Notification Center), or if its a particular notification you want to get rid of.

Dismiss Individual Notifications Lorem

Despite the efficiency it brings to newer models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Notification Center can use a few improvements. It is largely a matter of personal choice, but things like the small and rather inaccessible Clear button in NC can give a lot of people a headache. Apart from that, some people don’t like the fact that you are not allowed to remove individual notifications from Notification Center, and the dismiss option is presented only for a group of notifications from the same app. Once you install Lorem, you can delete any notification you want. To do that, all you need to do is swipe the notification to the left of the screen, and it will be gone.

Once installed from the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store, this free tweak will work right out of the box. As you’d know, dismissing an item from the Notification Center won’t remove the app badge, and Lorem caters to that, as well. To do so, go to the Extensions tab in the Settings app, and a new menu for Lorem will be there. The menu has just one option, and that is to enable the badge removal. Once enabled, the badge counter will gradually decrease with each dismissed notification. Please bear in mind that there might be a few performance issues related to NC, and it might lose some of its fluidity and speed. You may uninstall the tweak if you find the lag overwhelming.

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