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LSMusicGestures: Lock Screen Gestures For Music Control [Cydia Tweak]

Having a jailbroken iPhone or any iOS device certainly has its perks. Almost every day, amazing Cydia tweaks come out to make us realize that – even more than we already do. LSMusicGestures (previously LSMediaControls) is a tweak that allows you to control audio playback on your iDevice using lock screen gestures. That is, you can play/ pause and change songs right from your lock screen without bringing up iPod controls or even having to glance at it! The tweak is perfect for people who use their iPhone or iPod touch as their primary source of music while on the move, as it provides a distraction-free way of controlling your iDevice. The tweak isn’t too fancy, but that is a good thing as you won’t have to remember or configure a lot of gestures before being able to enjoy the functionality offered by LSMusicGestures.

Music PlayerLSMusicGestures

With LSMusicGestures installed on your device, you can double-tap on the lock screen to play/pause and swipe across to change a song. Swiping left and right across the lock screen plays the previous or next song in your playlist respectively. This can lead to accidental change or play of music, of course, but that is a small price to pay when you look at the level of ease and convenience offered by the tweak. In any case, you will still have to activate the screen before it starts accepting your gestures, so it’s not like LSMusicGestures will leave you without any defences.

Some people might argue that iOS already has lock screen control for music and it would be almost just as easy to use them instead of gestures. That might be true, but this Cydia tweak is useful if you want to control playback without looking at the screen of your device. This can come in handy in a number of situations (for example whenever you’re listening to music while jogging or working), but the best usage scenario for LSMusicGestures is while you are driving the car and listening to music on your iDevice. Apart from all the quickness the tweak brings to the table, it’s also nice to have a quicker method for accessing your songs. Even if you somehow manage to dislike LSMusicGestures, you won’t lose a dime as the tweak is free. The tweak is present in Cydia’s Big Boss repository. As we already mentioned, LSMusicGestures is all about simplicity, and that is why it does not come with a Springboard icon or a menu in the Settings app.

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