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Luminance Is Free For Thanksgiving: Edit & Add Effects To Photos [iOS]

It’s Thanksgiving, and the popular photo editing app for the iPhone and iPad, Luminance, is getting in the holiday spirit by giving out free copies of their awesome app. There are a lot of photo editing apps in the App Store, but when it comes to adding effects to your pictures, you will be hard pressed to find an app which offers more options than Luminance. Not only that, using this app, you can tinker with the color and lighting settings of each photo, and crop images as well. Read on to know about Luminance in detail.

Luminance Imports Luminance Effects

The app starts up with a brief introduction, which also lets you know how to get started with Luminance. The first thing you have to do is to decide if you want to take a photo with the app and then edit it, or if you want to make changes to a photo that is already in the Photo library of your iDevice. Following are the functions you can perform on any picture using this app.

Applying Photo Effects:

Luminance’s collection of photo effects is staggering, to say the least. There is virtually every effect you could possibly think of, and you just have to select a photo for editing and then tap the effect. Some of my personal favorites are the Twilight effect, Rogue and Pop.

Luminance Lighting Luminance Crop Luminance Tone & Color

Photo Filters:

The choice of filters offered by the app is pretty amazing as well. In addition to the filters present by default in the menu, you can even add custom filters by hitting the Edit button and making changes to Color, Brightness and a bunch of other settings. Most of the filters are toggle only, which means there is no option to apply an in-between value; you will need to create a custom filter for it.

Crop & Adjust Menus:

Being a complete photo editor, Luminance will allow you to crop and rotate any image. The cropping uses the grid technique used by most apps today. Even in this menu, you get a lot of choices regarding the shape you want to apply in cropping the image. The fourth menu located in the app is for any adjustments you want to make to an image. This has the options to tinker with colors, brightness, tone and anything you can imagine related to a photo’s attributes.

Luminance Sharing Luminance Settings

Luminance comes with pretty decent sharing options as well, through which you can share the pics you just edited with your Facebook and Twitter contacts, and if the required person isn’t on those networks, you can simply email them the picture. As Luminance is free for a limited time only, it might be a good idea to head on to the App Store and grab it right now before time runs out.

Download Luminance

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