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LuminousPlayer Brings New Effects & Equalizers To Your iPhone’s Music Library

Like most of the stock apps for iOS, the Music app is rather simple in its design. In fact, you have to go to the Settings app if you want to perform as simple a task as applying equalizer presets to songs in your library. In addition to that, the music player for iPhone isn’t very customizable (unless the user has got a jailbroken iDevice). There are many third-party apps available for iOS that are intended to be used as a complete replacement for the stock Music app, but usually, they lack the ease of use and simplicity that users absolutely adore. LuminousPlayer is an app for iPhone that provides a perfect combination of customizability and simplicity regarding music in iOS. The app doesn’t come with too many confusing options, but still has enough to beat the stock Music app. You can apply a bunch of really cool equalizer presets and effects to the tracks on your iDevice, and that, too, without even having to import the music library separately to the app. Details past the jump.

LuminousPlayer home LuminousPlayer Effects

The first thing you have to do after launching LuminousPlayer is to hit the Select button, and choose any of the tracks or playlists available in your device’s music library. Once you have done that, hit the play button from the bottom bar, and you are good to go. The app can assume several new looks, mainly via color changes. To do that, hit the Color button, and each time you do that, a new color will be applied to everything in the app. Not only is the color customizable in LuminousPlayer, users can also choose to change the equalizer and beats view by simply tapping that area. To switch the information type being displayed beneath the equalizer preview, keep tapping the digits until you reach the desired display.

LuminousPlayer comes with a decent number of sound effects that are fairly different from those offered in the stock Settings app. Not only are the effects different, they can also be customized by hitting the EQ button after choosing any effect. This combination of equalizer presets and effects provide users of LuminousPlayer with a wide variety of equalizer settings for the music in their iPhone. To switch between these settings you will have to keep tapping the EQ and Effect buttons until the right combination is achieved, as there is no list for them available in the app.

LuminousPlayer is an iPhone app that has gone free for a limited time. You can download it by heading to the App Store link below.

Download LuminousPlayer

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