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Microsoft Releases Lync 2010 Client For Windows Phone 7

Good news for professionals who own Windows Phone 7 devices: Microsoft has released a mobile client for their remote conferencing service Lync 2010 to the Windows Phone Marketplace. With Lync 2010 for WP7, you can hold instant message conversations or VoIP calls with your professional colleagues with just a tap of your finger. Lync 2010, like its desktop version, follows a solid security protocol to protect your confidential conversations. In what follows, we will take a brief look at Lync 2010 and the features offered by this mobile remote conferencing app.

Formerly known as Microsoft Office Communicator, Lync 2010 is basically Windows Live Messenger for the corporate world, offering instant messaging and remote conferencing services tailored for coroprate use. It therefore lacks the bells and whistles found in Windows Live Messenger such as nudges, fun emoticons and many others not deemed suitable for a corporate app (and quite understandably so). The desktop variant is shipped as a part of the Microsoft Office as well as standalone, while the Windows Phone app can be installed directly from Marketplace.

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Once you have installed Lync 2010 on your Windows Phone 7 device, you can sign in with your existing Office 365 account, or your account with the Microsoft Lync server installed on your desktop. After that is done, you can view all the people in your address book who are using the service, send them instant messages or call them on their listed numbers.

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You can only make calls with Lync 2010 using your Enterprise Voice number. The Transport Layer Security feature in Lync 2010 ensures that your conversations remain secure even while your device is connected to a public network. You can also set your status as Available or Busy from within the client. The user interface is pretty slick and makes great use of the critically acclaimed Metro design principles that define Windows Phone.

The Lync mobile client is excellent for businessmen and professionals who move around a lot and need to stay in touch with colleagues on the go. It offers all the necessary features one would expect from such an app targetted at corporate users. If you use Microsoft Lync and have a Windows Phone device, we would consider it a must-have on your phone. The app is absolutely free, of course. The link below will take you to its Web Marketplace page.

Note that Android and iOS versions of Lync 2010 are also available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively so if you’re on those platforms, you can grab those and get access to Lync on your smartphone.

Download Lync 2010

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