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Magic Farm: Time Management Game With An Interesting Storyline [iOS]

Time management games are fun to play, although the genre has a limited  user base, it’s popularity’s  been seen continuously on the rise. Magic Farm, developed by Big Fish Games, Inc for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a time management game which lets you play the role of a beautiful entrepreneur who must find her lost parents, but to take on such an expensive journey, she will need gold. Grow and sell your plants, save them from insects and water them regularly, this is what the  game is all about. The deep storyline will keep you from getting bored as well. Read ahead to find out if it’s worth downloading.

The story follows Iris, a lovely young girl who returns home only to find that her parents are lost somewhere in the quest to find the fabled “Flower of Youth”. Now, she must find them by using her gardening skills as a way to collect gold. On your way, you come across a number of different characters, giving you hints and clues about your parents. You may not actually get interested in the plot; however, the overall narrative is quite alluding.

Magic Farm Story 2 Magic Farm Story

Magic Farm comprises complex gameplay mechanics. Your main goal is to plant your flowers, sell them and get gold in return. You may sell them separately or as a bouquet, where the latter one gives you twice the returns. Those seeking on customizations will be pleased to know that you can design different designs of your bouquets. The best designs contain a variety of different roses, and are sold for a higher price. That’s not all; you will also need to protect your plants from different pests like snails and bees, as well as regularly water them in order to keep them from dying. The game spans across a single day, however it depends on how the player goes about the game.

Magic Farm brings forth intuitive control mechanics. The controls are based on tapping gestures, and you will have to be quick to collect your flowers while fighting off the insects that might destroy your plants.

Magic Farm Garden Magic Farm Bucket

In terms of design, bright and colorful graphics add some life to the overall visuals of the game. The beautiful drawings are carefully crafted with decent presentation and pleasing audio.

All-in-all, Magic Farm is an interesting game, and surprisingly, you can download it for free from iTunes App Store by clicking the link below.

Download Magic Farm

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