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Mail App For iOS 5 Adds Text Formatting

With the new Mail app in iOS 5, Apple have done an impressive job at allowing users to create not just emails on the go, but to some extent emails with rich text formatting. You can now format your email text as bold, italic or underline, so no more simple boring texts originating from your email address anymore. Addresses can be held to drag into various address fields. While debates run about on how the iOS is Apple’s attempt at keeping pace with Google’s Android OS, this is one area that Apple has clearly took the lead in as Android’s stock email client has no such feature on the table right now. Apart from the text formatting, the new mail app brings along the ability to flag emails as important, or unread and more. We show you how the app works in light of all these features.


Using the text formatting features and rearranging the address fields is actually much simpler than we had anticipated. To get started go into your Mail app and compose a new message. Once you have an email address added, you can drag it around to rearrange in the address fields.


To bring up the text formatting features, select the text you want to format and once the bubble shows up, hit the right arrow on it to bring up the options as seen in the screenshot above (on the right). Select the option titled BIU to be able to select the format options. So once you’re done, your text could end up looking close to as seen in the screenshot below (on the right).


Flagging your emails, is a very nifty new feature allowing you to see your important mails in a quick glance. It neatly adds a flag (literally) besides the email. To do this, hit the Edit button in your inbox and select Mark. Now you can either mark the particular email as Unread or as said, Flag it.


While the flagging or marking an email as unread are honestly very basic features that should be included in any smartphone OS, the text formatting and drag to rearrange address features are indeed commendable.

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