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Make Free Voice Calls To Your Twitter Friends Using OnSay For iPhone

Twitter is a pretty open platform for social networking as compared to Facebook, so if you want to get in touch with someone over the micro-blogging service, direct messages are the only private option you have got. OnSay is an app which brings a whole new dimension to Twitter. Using this iOS app, you can make voice calls to any “tweep”, without having to go through any complicated procedure. You can think of OnSay as a VoIP client, but with a twist; the app automatically patches you through to your Twitter contacts! Read on to know all about this amazingly useful app.

OnSay OnSay Settings

OnSay has a pretty unique interface, but some might find it a bit too minimalistic for their liking. The best thing about the service is that you don’t have to sign up for a new account in order to use it. Just log in with your Twitter credentials, and you will be able to connect with any of your friends using the app. As the service is rather new, it is likely that you will have to invite your friends to join OnSay. This can be done by posting a tweet after adding a tag of anyone’s name, from within the app. To avoid problems, the app defines a friend as a person who you are following and are being followed by. Once a friend is using OnSay too, he or she will show up in the app’s Friends list.

OnSay Call Menu OnSay Call

To make a call you just have to tap the OnSay icon next to your friend’s name, or by using the Call button. OnSay maintains call records for all users in the Recent Calls section. You can Block a user from calling you via OnSay as well by going to their app profile page. This averts what could have been a privacy disaster, and gives you full control over who can call you up using the app. The voice quality was pretty good in our experience, and the call function worked pretty smoothly. However, if the app is closed, no notification was displayed for incoming calls (no push notification support, we assume), which is a huge bummer, and something we hope the developers would address in future updates.

The app can prove to be a good way of interacting with people without revealing your phone number or other private information. OnSay is a free app, and available for both iOS and Android.

Download OnSay (iOS)

Download OnSay (Android)

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