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Make iOS Dock Disappear Using DockHide For iPhone [Cydia]

One of my favorite Springboard features in iOS is the dock, which makes launching the frequently used apps really convenient. It also sort of completes the main view of Springboard, by underlining all the icons on your iPhone or iPad’s screen. However, if you like symmetry too much, and for some reason think that the app dock makes the Springboard look a little less attractive, then you are sure to like the new Cydia tweak named DockHide. The tweak uses an Activator gesture to hide the dock, and you can repeat the same gesture to make it visible once again. There are also customization options, like letting you space the app icons accordingly if the dock is hidden, so that the freed space can be utilized optimally. Read on to know more.

iOS Dock DockHide Settings DockHide Cydia

DockHide is available in the ModMyi repo in the Cydia store as a free download. Once you have downloaded it to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, there will be no new Springboard icon for it, as is the case with most tweaks, and only a configuration menu will be added to the stock Settings app. The menu for the tweak is pretty simple, and lists only two options. First of all you have to choose the gesture which will be used to toggle on and off the visibility of the dock. It is possible to choose from among any of the usual Activator gestures. After that has been done, you have to select which icon placement option you want to choose from among the two offered by DockHide. If Stretch Springboard Icons is enabled, the icons on the Springboard will take the place of the removed dock, otherwise there will be just empty space in place of the hidden dock.

Although most people like the dock mode in iDevices (it brings a lot of efficiency and convenience to the lives of iOS users) you can think of DockHide as a tweak that provides users with an extra choice of the placement of dock. There are other tweaks in the Cydia store that change the dock’s position to the side of the screen, or send it to the App Switcher tray, so DockHide is just a way of reinforcing that the Springboard is there just for apps and nothing else. To call the tweak into action, you have to do nothing but perform the chosen Activator gesture. For the unique capability it offers, DockHide won’t cost you anything, so do give it a try if you have a jailbroken iDevice.

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