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Make iPhone’s Signal Strength Display More Accurate With Bars [Cydia]

No matter how many apps you install on your iPhone, there is no getting away from the fact that it still has to be used as an ordinary phone. The camera might be awesome, but what good is a phone of you can’t talk to someone properly when making a phone call? The ‘grip of death’ issue might have been resolved in newer iOS devices, but having good signal strength on your iPhone is still very important. The bars in the top left corner of your iPhone indicate the level of reception you are getting from your carrier at any given location. There are 5 signal levels in an iPhone, but if they are not enough for you and you want a more detailed indicator of signal strength, Bars is the perfect Cydia tweak for you.

Bars iOS Cydia

Basically, Bars turns the signal reading on your phone from a digital to analog one. After you have installed the tweak, you won’t just get 3 or 4 bars, but will also be able to see if the current signal strength is 2.5, 4.75 or any number of bars. Bars is available in the BigBoss repo as a free download, and takes immediate effect once you have installed it. You won’t find any new Springboard icon for the tweak, and there are no configurable settings as well. Just take a look at the signal strength indicator after Bars’ installation, and you will see the difference immediately. Strength is displayed in increments, and we verified that it works in multiple locations. The overall layout of the bars remains unchanged with the Bars tweak, and you will still get a progressively increasing layout for signals. This means that the first signal remains the smallest in height, while the last one has the potential to be the tallest. At full signal strength you will get a normal-looking signal indicator, but once the strength starts diminishing, the bars start growing smaller (starting from the rightmost one).

Bars is a really useful tweak if you suffer signal quality issues constantly and would like to keep a close watch on the changes which the signal strength goes through. It doesn’t hurt either that Bars is a free tweak, so do give it a try. It can become even more handy if the developer decides to add some way of viewing the numeric value of signal strength rather than just a graphical representation, which can prove to be a bit tricky to read accurately.


  1. Know what’s more precise? Numbers. 

    But yea, this is a good alternative as well; prettier too. 

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