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Make Siri Say Funny Things With iJokes For Chatbot/ Siri [Cydia]

A few days back, we covered a Cydia tweak for Siri named Awesome Facts for Chatbot/ Siri, which added a considerable number of trivia tidbits to the talking personal assistant from Apple, and made it all the more enjoyable to chat with Siri. iJokes for Chatbot/ Siri is a similar tweak for owners of iPhone 4S, as well as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices having access to Siri via Spire or other means. There is one big difference among the two tweaks though (as you might already have guessed from their names), iJokes is all about fun and it teaches Siri a lot of jokes. Not that she isn’t witty already, but if you get iJokes, Siri will get a complete humor makeover.

iJokes Siri iJokes Cydia

First thing first, the jokes added by the tweak are pretty lame (that is to say, we only got lame jokes during out testing), but still, that’s better than nothing. iJokes is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store as a free download, and is listed as a Siri add-on. The tweak is based on AssistantExtensions, but you don’t have to worry about that, as the platform will be downloaded to your device automatically when you install iJokes. Once installed, fire up Siri and say “Let’s chat”. It will take a few moments for everything to load properly, but once Siri tells you she is ready, you can start having your fun with her.

Other than ordinary chat, you can specifically ask Siri to tell a joke by saying “Tell me a joke”. You will get a joke in response, and every time you try, there is likely to be a new one in store for you, although it is not a necessity. You might already know that if you ask Siri to tell you a joke without any tweaking, there are just a few responses hardwired into her mechanical brain, and you are sure to be fed up of them soon enough. If you want to return Siri to her normal self, just say “Goodbye,” and all her newfound humor will evaporate instantly. The tweak is free, so if you have Siri, do give iJokes for Chatbot/ Siri a try. iJokes might be not be the most useful Siri tweak ever released in the Cydia store, but it will add a new dimension to the personality of your assistant, which can prove to be a refreshing change if you have used Siri too much in the past.

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