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Save Memories Of Good Meals With Evernote Food For iPhone & Android

You have made a special pie for your family at the weekly Sunday brunch, and you want to remember everybody’s reactions while they enjoy it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could capture everybody in that state with fond mementoes written underneath? Evernote Food for iOS lets you save precious memories of meals where you shared good food and laughter with your loved ones. Add warm and funny captions to these photos and save the physical location of the meals along with them. You can share these memories over Facebook and Twitter too. Just sign up for Evernote Food using your email address and start saving memories of meals that you would want to treasure forever. Update: Evernote Food is now available for Android as well. A link to its Google Play Store page has been added at the end of the post.

IMG_0022 IMG_0031

After the app is installed and set up, you can authorize it to track your physical location, which is a good idea, as you might want to save the address of a good restaurant that you visited with family or friends. Just tap on the ‘+’ sign at the top-right of the screen to create a memory of the meal you are having.

IMG_0024 IMG_0035 IMG_0025

The New Meal screen that follows allows you to upload photos of a meal you have had, or capture the moment with your device’s camera by hitting the camera button at the bottom of the screen. You can save the physical location of the Place you are having your meal at. You can add multiple photos to a single meal, and removing them later if you think it was not relevant to it by tapping the minus sign with each image. Hit the Share button at the bottom right of the screen to share the experience with your friends over Facebook and Twitter.

You can set the Image Size  in the Settings  menu and decide whether you want Evernote Food to Add Photos to your Camera Roll.

Evernote Food is a great app for cooks as they can make pictorial recipes, adding ingredients and cooking tips with each snapshot. It is also very helpful in saving directions to a restaurant that you visited a year ago and would like to take your friends to sometime. The app is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

Download Evernote Food for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Update: Evernote Food is now available for Android as well. The link provided below will take you to its Google Play Store page.

Download Evernote Food for Android

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