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Manage All Your Personal Finances From Your iPad With Mint.Com App

There are many iOS apps that can help you keep track of all your financial affairs. Mint.com has been a trusted source for expense management since 2008. It is usually a tough decision to give your account details and other such personal data to a third party app, but Mint.com is good at handling banking data, as their years in the business show. Using the new iPad app, you can know pretty much everything about your financial matters at a glance. Mint supports a lot of banks and account types, meaning that users won’t have to enter too much data manually, as the app will come up with auto-suggestions to facilitate the logging of your finances. Read on to find out how the app helps you stay abreast with the status of your money.

Mint.com For iPadIf you have more than one bank accounts, Mint.com is exactly what you need. You can add almost any account to it, and the service will integrate all the information and show it in one place in graphical form. The app has major focus on security, so, first of all, you need to create a Mint.com account (if you haven’t got one already). Tell Mint your country (currently it works for only United States and Canada), and options will be presented to you accordingly. To reinforce the security measures, and to put the user’s mind at ease, the app’s account can be disabled from the desktop service at any time. This is too ensure prevention of unauthorized usage of your data, in case your iDevice falls into wrong hands.

Mint.com For iPad Account optionsThe app shows your data in the form of a chart, in which your net worth is the most prominent part. If you view your spending sorted by category, a neat pie-chart is presented, color-coded to show how much you have spent at which article or service. All other views are pretty similar, and designed with the basic purpose of letting you know all about your money in the minimum-possible time.

Mint.com is a free app, just like the service, and can be downloaded at the iTunes link below. It’s worth mentioning that Mint.com is also compatible with iPhone, making it a universal iOS application. So, if you want to see a through graphical representation of your financial status without having to configure complicated Excel sheets or going through your bank slips, Mint.com is the perfect app for your iPad.

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