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Manage iPhone Music, Videos, Photos, Mail, SMS Without iTunes

Using iPhone as a USB disk, having SSH wireless access, custom ringtones, and many other benefits are something that the jailbreak community has long enjoyed. But what if you’re one of those who like to keep it original, or loyal to Apple, or just don’t want to jailbreak for whatever reason. What solution can you adopt?

Previously. we had covered the iPhone Explorer software that allowed drag-and-drop file transfer for non-jailbroken iPhones. The application that we present today is also, incidentally, named iPhone Explorer, albeit from a different developer and with a totally different mix of features to offer.

iPhone Explorer allows you to not only access your device’s root partition on a USB interface, accessible through the File Explorer button, but also allows a user to upload or download pictures, music, videos, ringtones, SMS and email messages from their phones.


One of the main advantages here is that this tool allows a user not only to transfer media data to their iPhone, but also to retrieve it back to the computer. This can be really beneficial if you want to bypass using iTunes, or do not want your entire music library to be lost by an iTunes sync on a problematic device. iPhone Explorer also contains a built-in music player that can play songs directly from the device’s own music library. You also have the option to search for a particular track from the library.


Another interesting feature of this application is its custom ringtone creator. It allows you to use any unprotected audio file from your PC or from the iPhone’s audio library. The created ringtones can directly included to the iPhone’s ringtones. One difference from iTunes ringtone creator is that song duration is not restricted to 32 seconds as in iTunes.


The program also allows you to download and view emails and SMS messages from your device. The downloaded data is saved in the form of individual text files for every SMS/email, sorted by sender’s number.


Finally, as a handy addition, iPhone Explorer also allows the repair and/or uninstall of iTunes and Apple Mobile Device Support from the Options menu.


iPhone Explorer is a must have application for any iPhone/iPod Touch owner. It requires at least iTunes 7.x or higher, and works with iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS, as well as iPod Touch. iPhone Explorer is supported on all versions of Windows, 32- and 64-bit both.

Download iPhone Explorer

Note to jailbroken device owners running firmware 3.1.2: If you used blackra1n to jailbreak your device, you need to install the afc2add service from Cydia before your device will be recognized by this software.


  1. I can't make it actually send photos to the iphone. It says it sends them but they are not visible in the photo album or camera roll. Still looking for a way to upload photos without itunes, also looking for a way to copy my iphone to itunes, not sync, which seems to destroy everything at random.

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