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Manage Project Timings & Earnings With Sessions For iPhone

If you work freelance, or have to maintain financial records of your work, then things might get a bit tricky when you are working on more than one projects, and the payment for each project is different. There are many good apps available for iOS that will let you maintain financial records of your work, and there are still more which will help you log your work hours with complete ease. Sessions is an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which combines both these functionalities, and lets you keep a thorough record of all your projects and working sessions. The app is really convenient to use, and will let you manage your financial records without having to control too many aspects of Sessions.

Sessions Home Sessions New Project

Sessions starts with a brief graphical tutorial, showcasing its working and features. Once you have gone through that, it is time to set up your project information. You can add as many projects as you want in the app, and Sessions will assign a new stopwatch to every one of them. Each new project can have a title and value. The value is for the project’s per hour cost, and will appear next to the timer so that the users can know how much money they have made since they started working on the project. Sessions supports color coding, and you can assign a separate color to each project, and its clock will show digits in the chosen color.

Sessions Project Timer Sessions Settings

There is a big play/ pause button next to each project’s timer on Sessions’ homepage, which can be used to indicate the time the app starts logging a sessions and its corresponding payment. To view the details of a project, tap the arrow button next to the timer, and from there, it is possible to clear past logs, or delete the project altogether. This sections also lists the average session length and earning. The best feature of Sessions is its ability to let users export their project logs via email. You just have to tap the Export button and the data appears in an email draft. From the app’s settings menu it is possible to choose a sorting criterion for projects, along with currency and date formats.

Sessions is available as a free download in the App Store for a limited time, so waste no time in going to the link below and grabbing this fine deal.

Download Sessions

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