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Manage Your Verizon Account & DVRs Remotely With FiOS TV [WP7]

If you have a Verizon account, then you probably manage your subscription and other relevant account data through the online support provided by the service provider. The number of services offered by Verizon is pretty impressive, and newer features are always being added to the mix. However, unfortunately Windows Phone 7 has been somewhat ignored by the telecom giant so far, and there is no official companion app for Verizon customers using a Mango phone. Now, luckily, one developer has taken a considerable step towards rectifying this situation, with the release of FiOS TV app. Not only does this app let you manage your TV subscription, you can control any Verizon account using the app. The app comes with a few bonus features as well, which you can discover by reading on.

FiOS TV WP7 FiOS TV WP7 Home FiOS TV WP7 Settings

Upon first launch, the app welcomes you with the options to sign in to your Verizon account, or continue as a guest user. If you just want to check the app out, tap the Verizon Home button, which will take you to the app’s main page. From this page it is possible to get full customer support, and it lists links for interacting with customer relation officers of Verizon via email or through live chat. It is also possible to extract the contact number of your nearest Verizon outlet, so that you can discuss your issue in detail. Using the app it is also possible to pay your bills, and that can be done in the View Bill & Pay section. All these services can be utilized without even having to sign up.

If you do have a FiOS account however, login into it and you are taken to the app’s TV page. There, you get to see the DVRs associated with your account, and it also lets you schedule programs, no matter how far from home you are. Using the FiOS TV app you can stay up to date with the latest scores in your favorite sports, and live tile support for these sports is also available. If you are a Verizon, and specially FiOS TV, customer then this app is a must-have, as it saves you the trouble of going to the Verizon website each time and sifting through the many menus listed there. It must be noted however that FiOS TV is a third-party Verizon client, and is not an official Windows Phone app by Verizon. You can grab it for free at the web Marketplace link below.

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  • It will be interesting to see who takes off first in the fight for the all in one home entertainment center.  apple or google will probably join with netflix and/or direct tv